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Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

At the annual Bay Area march and celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 2019, I was honored by the San Francisco Interfaith Council with a Lifetime Commitment to Equality recognition and invited to speak.   My former colleague, Rev. Victor Floyd, took the video and it is his voice that you hear in the background.  From 2018 to 2020, I served as the Transitional Pastor and Head of Staff at Calvary Presbyterian Church, San Francisco.

5 thoughts on “Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration”

  1. Ever so inspiring which caused me to ask for and received from you permission to share the news about your blog. If it were not for the number of friends with whom I shared it but were also busy bailing out water from their basements and trying to get plumbers to come to the rescue, I would bet many would have logged in already.

    I compared the background of your blog video with the humongous crowd with that of a video of a Live Martin Luther King Jr. gathering that another minister had and showed during yesterday’s worship service Even though one is set in San Francisco and the other in Washington DC, the two were so impressively similar in backdrop, size of crowd and elan.

  2. klay, either I don’t remember (very possible) or I was not aware of your speech at this event. Very inspiring. Largest group you ever spoke before?

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