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This post marks the one year anniversary of my blog, Amazing Grace: My Life as a Pastor, which I started on November 6, 2022.  And I have decided to take a pause to ponder what… Read More »REDIRECTION

The Sound of Silence

1 Kings 19:1-15a (Sermon preached at Calvary Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, in June, 2019) My favorite professor, the professor who had the greatest impact on me when I was a student at SFTS, was 66… Read More »The Sound of Silence

Why Pray

Dr. Jacoby came looking for me in the family waiting lounge at 10:18 am, a little over two hours after Sharon had gone into surgery.  I had been informed that the surgery would take anywhere… Read More »Why Pray

Come and See!

(Sermon preached at Calvary Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, in 2018) John 4:5-42 Introduction Today’s Gospel reading may well be the longest reading you have ever heard read at worship.  Which is why I asked David… Read More »Come and See!


Following my graduation from San Francisco Theological Seminary, I was ordained by the Presbytery of San Francisco in June, 1966.  My first position was at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Riverside, CA, where I served as… Read More »Aliens

Burning Man

Preface My son Jason and I have talked about Burning Man for many years, at least once or more each year after his return home around Labor Day each September from the most recent experience. … Read More »Burning Man

Bernal Heights

On one of our mornings sitting on “our” bench,, Jason asked whether I’d join him in smoking a joint one of these days.  Jason and I can discuss just about anything.  Nothing is off limits. … Read More »Bernal Heights

Steph Chinn

At an early age, my son Stephen tried to make music blowing into the old beat up trumpet that we had around the house.  Years later, I learned that at that young age, it was… Read More »Steph Chinn