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Welcome to my life Project.

Over the years, I have been encouraged to publish my sermons, to write my memoir.  I do enjoy writing and since entering my retirement years, I have attended writing conferences, published pieces in Christian Century, and written a blog.  I have seriously entertained self-publishing a book after attending my most recent writers’ conference.  Then I read an article in the New Yorker about a Somali poet who has garnered a tremendous following.  She did not publish her poetry in the traditional literary fashion—neither a publishing house nor independently, the only ways that I was aware of.  She did it through social media.  I have never been interested in writing for publication, in getting my name out in the general public, getting invited to speak, selling books.  Reading about how this Somali poet got her poetry out struck a chord with me.  I want to leave a written legacy for my family, friends, and colleagues—folks who know me already.  My intention is that my BLOG is not just about me; rather, that my life experiences can serve as lessons and wisdom for generations to come.  I hope my writing will address the life and world we live in today, currently, even as I draw from my personal legacy.  

I am deeply grateful to my son, Jason, for his invaluable help in designing and creating my webpage.  And I hope that my writing will make a difference in the lives of my readers—family, friends, colleagues—who continue to be my most important teachers and mentors.